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Here are all the news from the art’side of my life for 2017 (1st semester & more) : 

Recent & next exhibitions, France:

  • The Creative Front :

I find myself being productive again. For now, 2017 has being extremely hard on the private side and i can only be grateful the Arts always remain a source of … The Source. (especially after a pretty calm 2016). Whatever happens now, i’ve decided to work as hard as i could until my body/mind can’t take it anymore.

I started to try other things, like sculpting limestone, but also to work with clay and trying some watercolors. I am also using wood / barks to create some new entities. In one word, i’ve opened myself to a creative wave (also with my music), so it can take me away from this reality to a renewed one, until i reach the eternal freedom*

You can check the other and most recent works, as usual, on my Facebook page

Don’t hesitate to share / show me your own works in this Group

Contact me if you interested to exhibit me or to collaborate

  • Some recent artworks : 

These artworks are all available in limited fine art prints, check the store.

  • Pandorama : 

I’ve made me start a bigger canvas  (100/100cm) .. I want to finish it so i can show it next fall to show it in an important art show.

It is a very colorful painting (as you can see here), asking a lot of work on details and meanings but it has literally saved me for the last couple of weeks, spending on it long night sessions. I will always remember what it meant for me & hopefully the public will like it.

  • Exhibitions / Projects : 

It is always complicated for me to share my artworks in the classical art world since i refuse to sell my original works, but at least there are some opportunities with collective places, where you can just share.

That being said, i am trying to get featured in some bigger venues / events and i’ve just been selected for a great one next november …

This specific event will take place in a former psychiatric hospital, dedicated to the outsider arts scene and i hope it opens me some doors to pursue my goal and share even more in the reaLife … finally (before i die).
This is the reason i finally had to accept to create a sort of “press-kit” thanks to the help of my relatives & the great Marie-Anaïs Caille, without her help & guidelines, it would have been impossible and i am grateful she offered me her support.

So i have a tool (only in french for now) to contact serious venues and art’ activists, this is really a new important step.
It is a relief, since it was a lot of work to write long emails each time i wanted to get in touch with them and obviously no one answered my (way too long) messages since they were not enough concise and too much metaphorical.

  • Sculptures : 

I am totally a self-taught person, this is why i spend my time making mistakes, some call them “happy accidents”, i just name it experiences / the Journey. I don’t pretend to be a sculptor but i recently felt a renewed need to expand my imagination into these lands, such as clay, limestone, wood etc … here are a couple raw works in progess, click the images *

  • HeArt support :

Remember money is not my main focus …

Still, it represents a tool i can use to be able to create even more.


Consider buying me a limited fine art prints ….

And be sure it will help me a lot -> STORE

  • Publication / Interview : 

I was very happy to have a new chance to talk about what i do and why i do it.
The great Amy Fulton did a beautiful job, interviewing me for her blog and putting out a great article.

I hope you will be curious to check it out -> Interview

  • A new p-age : 

I have created a facebook page  -> ” M.U.K ”

So i can post some naive, fast done drawings.

Some i do with another person too …

Or things i will draw in the streets etc …

Click & Check It Out *

You can also show me your artworks in this GROUP

  • Instagram / Stories :

I really invite you to follow me on my instagram account -> HERE
As you know we can post 24H life long stories & i use it pretty often to show works in progress.
Things i generally don’t post on other networks as well as behind the scenes pictures, videos.

  • French :

En résumé, ce premier semestre a été difficile au niveau personnel, mais le plus important c’est d’avoir retrouvé une certaine urgence à créer et s’exprimer, et ce, sous diverses formes et supports. J’espère pouvoir participer à plus de salons avec la fin de l’année, pour partager tout ce qu’il sera possible de l’être.

• Pour les curieux ou professionnels, j’ai maintenant un Dossier de diffusion

• Et en début d’année, un entretien très complet en français, sur mon travail -> ICI

• Vous pourrez voir mon travail en novembre 2017 lors du 16e Salon Art et Déchirure 

(+ sûrement une autre date entre temps, à préciser).

Contactez-moi si vous avez des plans /désir de m’exposer ou collaborer


music: pre-demo ” M.A.C “


3 thoughts on “NEWSUMMARY III”

  1. Definitely an inspiration for me. I am not as a prolific painter as I would like to be however when I see your art I get charged and inspired to create again. For that I thank you!
    Cheers, David Heath

    1. Dear David, it was such a pleasure to read your comment. You know what I think of your fantastic work with colors (I even envy this talent you have). Sure, it would be awesome to see more paintings but you know, there’s only one good rhythm, yours. So, I am like you, not very “prolific” but I am sure it also participates into the making of our artworks.
      Thank you for your words be sure I appreciate. I mean it, you know how priceless it is to enjoy this kind of connection*

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