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Mixed media on canson paper 24/32cm • 9.44″/12.6″ – 2017

To heal your wounds, make the best of what is around*

What i can see and say about this one is, it echoes, once again, the attempt to reach and maintain some link of unity.

Which is not the easiest thing to do, since our Balance, is always on the move as our life evolves.

This is why they are many different patterns and elements / characters in the same entity, like the reminder that we’re just the result of the accumulation of our different experiences and choices.

Just like in Nature, where the accumulation of different micro minerals in the end, forms big mountain … We are building ourselves, the same way.

So … difficulties and joys are the One we are … this is nothing new to say this. And i don’t pretend to say something new, we are just reinventing our self, over and over.

Hopefully, we get better as the life goes on ….

Here, the space background, is here to remind that our ” growth ” has no limits at all, we can extend our understanding as much as we are ready to accept its meaning.

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