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Welcome to you

I’m a french self-taught artist sharing through arts, music and aphorisms in english or french.

Since i was a child, i always felt Life was bigger & deeper than human’s physical limits. I grew up focusing on the details animating this Whole, riding thoughts & mirages the furthest possible, falling in love with Nature’s natures. Experience always showed me how humbling and rewarding it is to pay attention to these mysterious interconnected waves, as a never-ending Source of Knowledge.

If your curious about the motives and the way i create, you’re invited to read the whole Artist-Statement

Nature is not about competition but cooperation. You won’t create a peaceful & happy world if its foundation is this “competition” myth, where you can’t win anything because it’d mean someone else is losing. There is another way … like in a melody, notes don’t oppose themselves but find a path to mutually sublime each other into an harmonious symbiosis. This is what we have to look for, each single day, with each single thought, how could we harmonize our notes with others’ ones to create a melody celebrating Life itself. Cynicism is for the weak minds but utopia asks for courage, things won’t change unless we do. So let’s be audacious & embrace a virtuous way of life *

Si vous ne parlez pas l’anglais, voici une page de présentation en français -> ICI

Take good care of your way *

PS: to see/share – all the artworks on the same page click here-> MOONTAIN.ORG/GALLERIES