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 I started music a long time ago, it has always been my first / special friend and passion.

To check my year by year section:  click here

You will find a little story of each year from 2004 to now with a link to listen to the records/demos of the period concerned, if they are (links) still active after all these years.

 A (not so) short bio …

 Like many children, my parents asked me if i wanted to learn a music instrument, and i decided it would be the piano. I started relatively young, but quickly became bored with the academic and technical side of it. After years of classical, around the age 11 i was about to stop, when i discovered a Beatles music score as well as boogie scores. It was an amazing breather ( as well as improvising my own tracks ). Still a couple of years later, i stopped the piano …

 A year later, in the attic, i found my mother’s old acoustic guitar covered with dust, with a little paper sheet she wrote, featuring the very basic chords. It was love at the first sight, I was 14 and this summer, i made me learn the five chords written on this paper, it was my first song. During my teen years i’ve recorded many songs and demos, i started with a four-tracks tape recorder for quite some time, then i worked with an eight-tracks cd recorder. All of this made me learn the basics needed to create a correct mix and other stuffs, i started to record with a cpu only in 2006 …

And since then, i’ve never stopped …

 I named myself ” Fre(e)d, in solo ” to echo the fact i was by myself, composing, interpreting and recording, as well as to echo the fact it was a way to free myself from many life’s issues.

 I feel blessed to be able to enjoy the music to express myself, it has helped me a lot to overcome periods of my life when i was younger. Now it feels like a soulmate, i carry some melodies for years, like old friends, most of them, i’ve never recorded.

 On the e.p.s and demos you can find through the different links, it is mostly songs i recorded with a special approach. I used to put myself in front of the microphone, with my basic kit ( a guitar, one keyboard, one-chord bass ), and start to improvise a line &  go from here, recording for hours and hours until i got the complete track. And to never play it again after it was done.

 But i have so many songs, mainly acoustic / indie ones ( the ” friends ” i was talking about above ), waiting to be recorded, this should be my next challenge …

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