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Magic And Chaos (Act I)

The project is named Magic And Chaos “

Where i will attempt to tell a love story, from its first day to its last …
Here is the basic piano track of the demo for the Act I : Falling In Love 
This part is pretty naive and innocent … Until something unexpected happens …

The goal is to illustrate each period of a love-relationship with a couple of tracks.
I hope it will also be useful to heal from heartbreaking events in the meantime.

My wish is to keep it authentic, these musics were composed live.
Right after meetings with the loved & then lost woman …

For now, i wanna keep it very simple with only a few notes on the piano.
But if one day i record them in the studio, i will try to enrich the melody.

Future “acts” are in progress, they will be shared rather sooner than later.

PS: don’t forget to check my previous demo song on guitar : ” My Angel Cares

By Fre(e)d, in solo © 2017 More of my music on Bandcamp / Facebook



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