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My Angel Cares (demo)

It’s been years since i’ve recorded a real song …

They were several attempts, in solo at home, or in a studio for a couple of sessions, but i never managed to finish a demo. As the paintings were asking most of my time, i just settled on playing the guitar (everyday) for my self, my mental health …

To write lyrics, is the one thing allowing you to transform a music into a song. I got a lot of musics, and i still compose regularly … but way less songs …

It asks a special experience, period of life, trauma, joy … to write the lyrics of a song … and urgency.

Quite often, you do it because there are no other ways to express your feeling, its weight … no other way to share it.

This moment just happened on june.8th.2017 … and so a song is born and its name is ” MY ANGEL CARES

Here is the video, the sound is not good, the voice is not that great either, it is rough, i was singing it for hours as i was writing the lyrics, but at least this is sincere and from the heart, so it could avoid me to implode … I hope to record it in the studio one day, with more voices and instruments.

PS: You can check this Facebook Page to listen to a couple of recent short-videos of future songs

M.A.C ( My Angel Cares ) rough demo

Where to go when i know you’re gone.
I have no flow to ride far away, to hide.
I’m done …. Too down …

Yeah i’ve tried, to forget that i loved you to death.
Yeah i’ve tried, to find you back in another breath.
I keep crying but i will not let it put me down …
Do not let me down …

Yeah i’ve tried, to forgive that i’m a lover (over).
Yeah i’ve tried, to forgive that i’m a fucking wimp …

I’m a fucking wimp but i know what to do.
Even if i limp …. i will crawl til i can.

I’m freaking weak but i’ll keep me alive.
Until i dive …. Into the blue of (my) Life..

Fre(e)d, in solo – Music + Lyrics © June.8th.2017
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