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ANIMA (demo)

This is a raw demo of my latest song, in fact it’s pretty much the first draft of it.

Vocals & guitar were directly recorded through the phone’s mic.
It all came fast, which is rare in my case and was pretty moving.

This song feels like a dialogue inbetween the one we are and the One we Are.

But it also feels like a (not necessarely sad) farewell *

The other day i came to wake you up
Into a dream, where you were ready to hear it
You felt the light … run into you
I felt alive, before you woke up …
Down, onto the ground
You fell down, deep in that wound
If a body don’t make it enough
You can make it on your own, for the better
I will give you a full-empty matter
Then we could go up and never come back …
Down …
Down here we grow
Up and down, till we know
Up … we’ll go again.
L’autre jour je suis venu pour te réveiller.
Au sein d’un rêve, où tu étais prêt à l’entendre.
Tu as senti la lumière te traverser.
Je me sentais en vie avant que tu ne te réveilles …
En bas, sur le sol.
Tu es tombé au fond de la plaie.
Si un corps ne fait pas assez l’affaire.
Tu peux y arriver par toi-même, pour le meilleur.
Je vais te donner une entité complètement vierge.
Ensuite, nous pourrions nous élever et ne jamais retourner en bas.
Ici bas, nous grandissons.
De haut en bas jusqu’à ce que nous sachions.
Qu’en haut … nous retournerons.

PS: you can check my previous demo song on guitar : ” My Angel Cares

By Fre(e)d, in solo © 2019. More of my music on Bandcamp / Facebook

As a bonus here is an old rough demo i recorded … ” TOTEMIC

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