Here is a little space where i will share some signs of life with the ones who might be interested.
As i’m writing, i have stopped to post any new creations
on my Facebook Page since august 2018.
I felt worn out by this tool & the social medias in general.
I’m still creating, of course, and i’ll be back sooner or later.
I miss the interactions i had with people, so you’re welcome
Life’s going on*

* REMEMBER: There’re always some exhibitions to check, artworks‘ stories to read, limited fine art prints to get *



Creating, is one of the main purposes of the existence.
Through a thought, an artwork, no matter the medium, to act is key.
I’m literally dying if i don’t answer the creative call but it doesn’t mean that doing it would preserve one from dying anyway.
The ups and the downs do their part like in anyone’s journey and we find ourself in the middle of it, arms stretched to make it a balanced whole.
This is why it’s been a couple of weeks, months, that i’m extremely alone, making art, reading, watching old movies, doing what i’m supposed to do on this planet, with no one to see it, except for the “whole” (name it Nature, Universe, God, whoever you want).
The needed dive back into the Source to purify myself from the mistakes i’ve made recently.
It asks time to remember what we know, but it’s very fast to forget what we learned.
Fortunately i’ve acted before really hurting my health, my mind, my way.
But it’s still a work in progress & forever will be*



I’m feeding some turtle doves at my window for many years now …
Several couples have gone by & i identify them thanks to lil details …
The amusing thing ? There is always one of the two who is more adventurous, this is the one i can interact directly with, the one who will entertain a closer relationship with me.
All in all, it’s a daily presence for me, i cherish it. But today i just discover one of my beloved friends … dead.
I’ll offer her/him a respectful ceremony*