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Each artworks feature a story and/or an aphorism, take the time to read, thank you*
You can click
HERE to learn about my motives and process

Feel free to share the artworks (see the facebook page), so they can have a life on their own by interacting with people’s imagination & heart *

4 thoughts on “Artworks”

  1. I love your style! I would love to share this with my students, an art project could follow! What do think?

    1. Hi Linda, thank you very much, this is so nice of you to consider it to be shared with your students, and I could only feel enthusiastic about it, if you want to tell me more about it, you’re welcome. Hugs from my side of the world to yours*

    1. Patty, this is a very kind comment, i mean it. Don’t underestimate the value of your message to me because it gives me much energy. To answer you, i really don’t know if my artworks will get some “recognition” one day but if it happens it’ll be thanks to people like you.

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