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Feltinkpen on cardboard 15/21cm • 5.9″/8.2″ © Moontain 2017

When i was looking for a title, i chose ” KATHAROS ” which means ” pure ” in ancient greek and gave ” Catharsis ” … I believe in signs, and this word was introduce to me not a long time ago by an amazing person i Love, but I’m also in a complicated situation with. And since the main character was looking like a ancient greek ( more or less ) himself, i definitely knew it was its name.

And here is why …

This artwork, seems simplier than the others, i mean there is a main character, interacting with another important one and they are surrounded by a couple of entities in the background, all of them are like floating in the deep Space.

It feels like a Man’s attempt to sublime his struggles ( which _to be honest_ echoes the period i’m in, right now ). The Space to me, i guess, is something to emphasize the fact this kind of transformation, can only happen outside of the physical limits … ” elsewhere ” … In a place where there are no limits either.

To do so ( overcome the struggles ) he goes to a Wizard ( like a projection of our higher self ) with his scepter as a sign of his wisdom, which features a sort of blue sphere, and ” blue ” to me, as always been some kind of metaphor for the ” Source ” ( of Knowledge, Wisdom & Energy ) … This is why the Man, wears which can be a blue veil on his eyes, but not to blind him. It is to guide him, freed from the influences of contradictory feelings.

So as we can see on their faces, the Wizard talks and the Man listens, ready to receive a better understanding of what he’s facing. This is why, i guess, there is this sort of signal above his head to point out the fact the communication is actually happening, thanks to the work of the connected spirits.

In the end, he has to calm his anxiety and to be humble, to accept the lesson, in order to change the way he’s reacting to the issues he’s going through, which can be symbolized by the bigger entities on the back, looking like overwhelming monsters & voices, a metaphor for some hurting feelings & thoughts we can have in this situation.

If this inner work is made seriously, there is always a way to sublime & transform the pain, into Wisdom, thanks to the best tool every, Love *

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