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Hello to the curious ones …

The latest newsummary dates back to 2019 (aug.31) so there’re many things to present here. Remember to click on the pics to see them fully. You’re invited to check the artworks page to discover the stories i wrote about these artworks as well as their respective informations, by clicking on the “ ” when you’re in the carousels of this page -> GALLERIES




These are the paintings i’ve added to the website, some where pretty big and asked a lot of time to be done, but i guess we had some time with the multiple lockdowns we’ve been through. You can find them (and read their story) in these galleries HERE & HERE

In march 2021 after years working on paper and canvas, i’m back at my first crush, working on rough hemp burlaps. I still have to put them online but you can have a glimpse HERE and others in the Journal



These are some drawings i’ve added to the website, i did not made a lot of them since i got other artworks needing most of my energy. You can find them (and read their story) in these galleries HERE & HERE



Here’s what really kept me busy this whole time… to work on the stones. I still have to find a way to showcase them correctly, but until then i got these diaporamas to share. Sculpting stones pushes you to your limits physically but to discover what this natural and ancient material has to reveal has no price. You can find them (and read their story) in this gallery HERE


Sculptures in progress:

If i usually take a lot of time to finish a painting, it’s even more with stones, here are some works in progress …

You can check the JOURNAL to stay updated, wip, news etc …



Year 2020 finally saw a new release of a couple of demos, most of them on the piano. You can read the whole story about it on this POST



• I got the opportunity to talk about my work in a couple of zines etc … you can check the publications HERE

• Cos’ of the Covid pandemic i was no more able to exhibit my works in public

• The store should be back at some point, i had to go with another extension more complicated to set up

• Though you can still write me about limited prints you would like …

-> There is a reminder of the prints details HERE

So this is it, i hope you’ve enjoyed this little ride … as some of you may have noticed, the website had a major upgrade, making it (i hope so) easier to navigate. There is also a brand new statement for you to discover.

This period of Life on Earth seems pretty chaotic, i see a combination of so many different (but linked) crisis going on. Of course it could mean new opportunities for positive changes, it should not be hard since there’re so many negative ones already but yet, for now it looks to worsen. Try to be the best version of your self and it would inspire others to do the same, the butterfly effect is strong, let’s act for it.

With Love, your friend *

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