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New Hemp Canvases + Processing

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Here are the two latest paintings from the Re-Member series added online.

As usual you are invited to click on the image to discover their very own story / process


acrylic on hemp canvas
101.5/126.5 cm – (2022)


acrylic on hemp canvas
141/102 cm – (2022)

Last couple of weeks have been all about creating new paintings. Trying to get a better rhythm and not take months to achieve one artwork. I’ve been able to produce 4/5 new works for the Pareidolines Series i hope to add online very soon. Quite different from the ones above, more polished, less raw but still very “crowded”.
Spending time in a sort of cocoon as the outside world continues to go in the wrong direction. But maybe at the end of it will be a relief and new era of somekind. Will it be with human kind, that’s the question. It seems the simplier the solutions are, the less interested in our species is. Finding a way to maintain our so-called lifestyle looking for other sources of “energies” rather than simple change it and evolve towards a virtuous one, is something that let me speechless
… but hey, that’s the way it is, for now.

BONUS – (rough) Preview & Process of next paintings, final versions will be online in the coming weeks …

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