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Signs of Life – NeWorks Summary Online

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Finally able to post an article in the Journal section, it features many many many recent artworks i did not post on social networks, hours, weeks and months of work and lonely dedication. I wish you’ll find some nice thoughts, colors and energies into them and yourself while interacting with the artworks, they’re now yours to be your friends, hopefully … CLICK HERE to make them breath *
Sementis, in progress
As a bonus, here is the latest sculpture i’m working on, a multi-faced limestone piece, with its meaning ready to be discovered as i’m entering the last stage of its process …
On a parallel note, i’m listening all day/night to DIIV’s album Deceiver, which is a pure gem, music is the only friend that will never let you down, music is the one friend that will never let me down, i’m grateful i know you
I’m looking for a final relief

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