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Indian inks on cardboard 20/23 – 7.87″/9″ © Moontain 2013

Inside layers of the mind*

This is made with indian inks, and it was one of the first time i used it ( i mean, since i was a child ) … I liked it, to simply rub some colours on the paper.

It felt different than the painting, it allowed some more light to come into the colours. And i was pleased with the way it designed some complex forms.

I decided to follow the imaginary lines to discover the result, just like to join dots …. And so a kind of face appeared, once again composed of different entities, from the animal kingdom as well as some mysterious monsters.

When it was over, i wondered its meaning. And soon after i discovered it was like an illustration of our secret self, in fact it was showing our different layers.

Just like a rainbow is complete thanks to multiple elements and colours, … it was like a cut-away drawing of our invisible self.

Maybe this is how our Soul looks like under our skin, if only we had the possibility to see it … In fact, what i think of this artwork is hard to express with words and i hope some of you will have some ( words ) to help me …

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