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Shanimalism 46/37cm • 18.1″/14.5″ • acrylic, feltinkpen on canvas – (2013)

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When i made it, i felt like i was getting to a new place. (at least for me). I felt like i was making a new step and it was positive in this way.

Making new steps is something so important. Not only because you have the feeling of moving on, but also, because it changes your sight.

As you advance, the lanscape around you changes as well since you are not observing it from the same spot. Here is something amazing.

Even if this painting could seems chaotic, i don’t think it is. There are always some lines to ride so you can find your way and i believe the same goes on in our Life.

If we pay attention, we can find a meaning, a string attached to something bigger, bringing us some insight. This is a nice thing to do when you feel lost.

To calmly observe what is in front of you, how it echoes with what is inside of you, and walk on this imaginary bridge linking these two worlds and create yours*

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