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Pananimal – acrylic and gouache marker on 170/90cm canvas – (2013/2019)

Life will last as long as you think it does ….

Here there are animals as well as humans. A mistake we often make is to say things like ” human & Nature “, forgetting that human beings are no more, no less than a part of Nature. In this work, no one is more important than the other and both just have to evolve as well as possible in the same space, because we’re from the same Source.

There’s not duality in Life, just diversity, which is the guarantor of its Unicity.

These mixed entities are a reminder of what happens on a cell level, what is composing it. Each of of us is the fruit of each one of us. The pulp of a fruit we eat comes from the soil of the tree, this soil made out of so many ancient lives, the air in our lungs comes from so many others breathes that will feed a tree, on and on … and it’s the same for the thoughts we have, the ideas we find, these waves know no begin, no end, we’re their origin as well as their destination. It is our responsability to keep this cycle alive & virtuous.

This painting has asked years to be finished, we had a story that lasted over 6 years. There were multiple & long hiatus but also numerous honeymoons. I guess it allowed us to mature in parallel as i love to do with certain artworks. Some stories or characters inside of it reflect different periods of life which makes it precious to me. Its size confers it a certain aura, full of adventures for the imagination to ride.

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