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acrylic, gouache markers on 89/116cm canvas by Moontain – (2019/20)

Travellers of the original Source, waves are like roots carry the promise of rebirth, the gift of oneself in a quest for existence of all. Here they’re showed as lines exploring each part of the space, designing each entities by creating a mutual link of knowledge & destiny. Roots (lines) are the metaphor of the course of life, through the ripples of experiences, they infuse the essence of a movement transforming Souls into Beings. They’re the maker of the Unicity of the world through the stability they offer, allowing the diversity to explore the field of possibilities.

This might be one crowded place we all come (and go) from … An incarnation to another, flying away in the unknown to both spread and discover the secret of a forgotten mystery … There is a lot to observe into it if you’re willing to. It’s not just a chaotic accumulation of frames but rather a story of the myriad of entities finding their way to get to their next world or incarnation. It’s a crowded imaginary place where you go through different steps and challenges to reach your way and elevate. A key character is on the right side, if you look closely you might see the profile of a face blowing little dots (standing for primary energies forming lives), between his green lips, you can see a circle/ball, a symbol of the initial Soul.

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