Flots des âmes – acrylic, gouache markers on 89/116cm canvas by Moontain © 2019/20

(Floods of Souls) … This might be one crowded place we all come (and go) from … An incarnation to another, flying away in the unknown to both spread and discover the secret of a forgotten mystery …
There is a lot to observe into it if you’re willing to. It’s not just a chaotic accumulation of frames but rather a story of the myriad of entities finding their way to get to their next world or incarnation.
It’s a crowded imaginary place where you go through different steps and challenges to reach your way and elevate.
A key character is on the right side, if you look closely you might see the profile of a face blowing little dots (standing for primary energies forming lives), between his green lips, you can see a circle/ball, a symbol of the initial Soul.