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ESCAPISM • 21/29.7cm • 8.27″/11.7″ • pen on paper by Moontain 2015

You can not avoid reality, but you can change it *

What is your recipe for well-being ?

Daily life has its amount of difficulties and challenges. If we let them accumulate we take a serious risk.

There is nothing wrong with using our imagination and fantasy world to deal with them.

It doesn’t mean we are avoiding reality, but rather transform it into something more in phase with us.

Opportunities to use our mental skills are numerous. We all know someone in depression or unhappy with his/her life.

The persistent myth is that we are supposed to adapt to the daily life, but i believe the opposite is possible as well.

If everything echoes the one we are, it has to be both ways. Put your best self into things and those things will make good to you.

Surround yourself with things you love and you will love even more things.

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