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21/29.7cm • 8.27″/11.7″ • pen on paper by Moontain © 2015

Your deepest thoughts lead you to your highest self*

Here, everything conveys around the central figure, which could be seen as personification of a wisdom entity. He’s linked to what is going on and this chaotic scenery surrounding his presence. His role being to act for the greater good and make different lives accept each other.

The top of the drawing features important elements. On the left there is a felin head facing a human head on the right side. It could be interpreted as our inner conflict between our animal side and our human side, as well as our instinct opposed to our intuition. But we can also notice both heads are combining to create a main one.

This is the balance to find, in the Life’s circle. This is why you can see two lightnings to sanctify this mix, as a sign of divine & natural energy. Blessed by the bird (peace symbolic) that you can observe on top of them.

The main character wear some kind of ancient clothes to insist on his wisdom and peace maker role. You can see the cat’s tongue licking him, like it was a mutual acknowledgement.

Here is how i interpret the meaning of his hands. The one on the right holds a stick which has perfored the human’s throat. To me it allows the human to not shout words he would regret. So the words can’t get out through the mouth … and then you see the fist looks like an eye in the drawing, on the other head (still on the right). I believe it means that when you don’t scream some thoughtless rude words, it allows you to “see” the real meaning of what is going on and reach a better understanding of the situation.

As the hand on the left side of the drawing, inside of the face’s mouth, allow him to “listen” rather than entering a cacophonic verbal fight with the one he’s facing. Once again, all of this provides a better understanding of each other.

The title of the artwork is Agathos Kai Sophos, a sentence attributed to Plato which literally means “wise and good”. And this is what the central character is all about. As well as should be our goal in this existence. To take the time and dedicate ourself to see inside of things & beings, motivated by the Love for and from the Universe. In an utopian attempt to make every life’s incarnations cooperate and care for each other so everyone can grow and evolve for a mutual best.

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