This series is made of two different entities, the Linocuts and the Pen lines on paper ones.

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This series was started in january 2019, when i discovered the old linocut’ kit my mother used to have in the fifties. It was moving and i knew i had to try it. Although this is a totally unknown territory to me, i found some pleasure and happiness working this medium. My approach is the same here, i start from scratch just like if if was a sculpture, i don’t prepare anything & see / let it appear. The smells and touches were nice and i look to do some more, here are the first ones (description & titles to be added) -> Back to the galleries


Pen lines on paper:
I started this series in 2015, to stay with my cat … As he was getting old, i wanted to spend more time with him when he was enjoying his last sunny mornings on the desk. So i took the simplest kit possible to make it happen, which was a pen & some A4 paper. I made +20 pages that i will show here. It also echoes my childhood’s love for the ancient greek civilization  -> Back to the galleries