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acrylic on rough canvas 102/103 cm – 40″/40″ © 2011

If you want to feel better…Make someone else feels good*

this painting is a very important one to me. It may not be the prettiest or the flashiest, but its meaning and origin are important.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the word ” Twinflame “, this is a very special kind of relationship i always believed in.

I think each one of us has someone on this planet answering to this definition, someone we can feel a connection with, overcoming distance and time.

Through the years i started to realize this “one” didn’t have to be a person, it could something else, something more universal, it can even be your self.

To make us feel this kind of connection became even more important in period of struggles, it gave a needed balance to go through life’s trials.

In the end, when i was younger (and romantic) i always thought my Twinflame had to be the woman i loved, and growing up, i discovered it was not only the person incarnating this love, but rather the Love itself. And this (love) is literally into anything.

Concerning this painting, it echoes this Twinflame relationship, as i was intensively experiencing it.

Two individuals balancing each other with their respective energies and magic.

Both the woman and the boy have a crown (and so their respective kingdoms) made out of animal totems.

Mainly birds, so they can link the characters with the higher kingdom, flying back and forth from the head to the sky so their spirit could experience their Soul. The woman, has a rabbit too, because of her talent to listen (big ears) and capacity to have her feet on the ground (since the rabbit dig under it for his burrow).

The bird on the man especially, show how to overcome some obstacles, like the mountains (on the top right on the painting) for example, as a metaphor of what we go through on a daily basis. As you can see, the bird above the man has a skull in his beak, so it can remove the idea of death away, and so, to project our human entity into something related to the infinity of Life itself.

The characters are naked because there is nothing to hide between two honest people, to be pure doesn’t mean to be beautiful or ugly, it means to accept our whole. Also, the finger (right bottom) of the man is pointing on a globe, to remind us that we choose our way, where we live, the kind of life we have, to be conscious of that, actually helps us to influence our journey for the best.

There are many more elements composing this paintings, about some more private things, but i really hope you will enjoy to travel into it and find some things to interpret.

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