HERO TWINS • Re-Member Series • 58/103 cm • acrylic on burlap • 2011

Differences are two sides of a same element …
Both being attached to the very same root *
To me it could be two sides of a single entity, the origin of differences, being attached to the same root ( a good lesson for today ).
I hope to hear about your own interpretation 🙂 but here is my story about this one …
Most of the time ( if not always ) i paint without any idea of what will come out or why it does, all i know is that something asks to be-come. And this is only when i look for a title, after the artwork is over, that i discover the meaning of the painting, my mind being attracted to some elements, signs and details, it makes me look for a signification i often find into legends or myths from the past. This is special, because, to me, it reminds us, that ” knowledge “, past, future, anything in fact, is linked through some invisible but yet palpable waves. Wherever you are, no matter when, the same kind of insights, beliefs, echo themselves in a magical and universal way. Here i discovered it could be a Maya legend about two twins, everything was here, before my eyes, the trials, demons, the bird etc … ( i let you check it on wikipedia ) if you wanna learn more about it.

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