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ALLONE • Re-Member Series • 57/102 cm • acrylic on burlap • © 2012

Finding the Source we all can renew our thirst for Life.
we will never feel alone, being a part of this whole.
now melting into this One, we become ALLONE*

Once again i want to precise the fact that i don’t necessarily decide on how the painting will look like or what it will feature. Until it’s finished, anything can change. This is why i discover (or make me imagine) its meaning only when i look to find its title, as i’m observing it and paying attention to details & signs.

At first i thought there would not be much to say about it since it pretty raw, without that many details, but i was wrong.

The first thing i’ve noticed was the main character, looking like a kind of “saint” or an unconsciously stereotyped version of it, long hair, beard, plus the whole painting had a feeling of a stained glass. So i knew it was something about the divine, the Whole (once again). Then the other elements started to pop up in this direction.

On the top right you can see a yellow face, which is the incarnation of the Sun or the primary God. It has a blue tear, which can be interpreted as a tear of sadness but also as the energy / Source, it shares with the living world. on the right of the “saint” you can see a sort of mask (reminding some egyptian’s masks) it looks like it communicates with the Sun, it is an attempt for the character to elaborate a direct link with the Universe and infuse its energy (again, the blue means the Source) this is why you can see his hand sending some energetic waves towards himself.

So his body and heart is filled with both yellow and blue showing he is made out of this pure and authentic universal energy. Next to his chest, on the right, you can see an elephant’s head / profile. It shows the strength and power you get once you are in harmony with the universe, this elephant faces a “monster” incarnating the trials we have to overcome. In fact you can see the “saint is surrounded by many demons / trials.

On the left you can see his knee on the ground which is the first sign that not everything is simple and sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the life’s challenges. Under the knee there’s an abstract turtle (its head is on the right), it echoes the totem of this animal, to symbolize the Earth, which is always on the move.

Now the final detail about it, is the foot on the right, you can distinguish its toes but also notice the foot is broken. I interpret this as the illustration of our broken link with Nature. Next to the foot there is a white feather (maybe an echo to our angel) this is where we’re suppose to go to. But with this broken foot it might not be that easy. This is why i think there’s a tear in the yellow Sun, who is looking up to the sky, with a tear in the eye. Because it feels we’re no more living in harmony with the whole and we are failing to make One.

So here the title ALLONE … All One, Alone, All making One … this is our condition, subtle changes can have dramatic consequences we need to pay attention to ( more than ever ) … The balance is as fragile as it is sacred & extraordinary.

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