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Nucleus • 60/80 cm – 23.6″/31.5″ mixed • media on canvas © 2020 by Moontain

My interpretation of this painting … It would be a kind of nucleus of a cell (or in the case of birds, a murmuration) ready to carry out its mitosis to discover a new land and create a new ecosystem. The black background symbolizing the infinite space ready to welcome the potential of all possibilities from Life’s creativity. Its movement igniting more movements and energy, feeding the thirst for discovery and self knowledge through the experience of re-birth.

We can find the Whole into a single seed. From one unique entity can emerge the magic of diversity. It is a promise full of future destinies.

It is also an echo of ancient destinies. Our life is a game of temporalities, when past-present-future feed off each other. This is why there’s no potential we should dismiss, even from the tiniest beings or thoughts, in fact we have to encourage this accomplishment into anything to keep this process going.

This is a wonderful paradox where Unicity can only happen thanks to the diversity. Just like a body is made out of different organs. To take care of one seed, is to take care of a whole lot more entities. This seed is yourself but you’re also its soil.

All in all, differences doesn’t separate our Self from the Source, but rather extend it, this is the movement of Life we have to go along with. Don’t fear what is different, embrace it because it makes you who you are.

You can’t hurt the other without hurting yourself too, this is such a simple fact to keep in mind that we tend to ignore it.


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