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AGNOSIA • acrylic on a wood panel – 100/100cm 2017 © Moontain

This painting was only made with the hands, fingers and nails, which can explain its rawness compared to some other works. I always take care to not create under the direct influence of feelings (understand: i don’t paint cos’ i’m happy / sad or to express X or Y feelings in particular, since i don’t want the basic human side of me to be too much of a distorting filter).

That being said, this one appeared in the middle of a personal crisis (which i ignored at the time but was in process). So … some characters were disturbing, looking for attention and understanding and i believe this particular one was the most challenging one as i was not sure if it was crazy, dangerous or just calling for help, someone to listen to it.

Even if we would like to sublime our ups & downs, it is natural that what we do (our creations, actions, interactions) always reflect like magnifying glass what’s happening inside of us or what we wish to attain (from above). It is not easy to accept it as it is, since it can be uncomfortable to look at it, or to hear it (from others), but so important to consider its informative value.

So i could simply say the character on the bottom right, was having the role of a whistleblower. Its thinness and red eyes show the fatigue of its way of (no) life, as well as the black eye implying that things have been hard and have literally hit him. Those big red lips the need to express something out loud. Its arm raised to ask for the right to be heard and be sure it will not go ignored once again. On top of its head you can see the head of a (yellow) snake. I don’t know if it is ready to suck out the life of the character or not … it seems so.

In the end, once you see someone or your self sending some signs, take a moment to observe them (even if they don’t look pretty, and this is why i named this character STRANGEL, cos’ an angel is not always a white entity wearing wings, obviously). Don’t let the signs pass by without taking care of them or understanding why you felt and saw (the signs) them in the first place. Because if you did so, it means you can be a part of the solution. You are here to transform things for the better, for your self & others *

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