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The Mirror Of Affect – mixed media on A4 canson paper © 2018 by Moontain

All reality is a perception of your inner self …

It is a simple notion, what you see or are sensitive to in the outside world, is conditioned by what you are inside of you.

When things get complicated with others we have a tendency to think “what is wrong with this person ?” or “why is this happening to me ?”.
But the source of the dichotomy between our aspirations and our interactions lays inside.

In this way, the others are a welcome indication of what we should face and transform within. Rather than blaming people for displeasant moments and let the frustration grow, the solution would be to dive into our own feelings, even the ones we tried to hide for so long.

Inside of this drawing, we see the duality of the mind leading to a broken voice, here a broken heart, like a failed attempt to share (and so, to receive) Love. These two sides of self have to embrace first, then our communion with the world, through our words and waves will unify in Love too.

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