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ANAMNESIS – acrylic on hemp canvas, 101.5/85.5 cm – 2021

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Remember the ones you were, to re-member the one you are *

The anamnesis is a concept that is particularly close to my heart in its various variations. It is mainly about the principle of reminiscence.

It’s all about remembering our previous incarnations, in whatever form, enlightening our awareness of who we are. Considering that we are literally composed of atoms that were and will be “every-anything” it is therefore a state of being that offers a perspective and a better understanding of the links between the various events of life.

As usual, I do not plan anything that appears in the canvas and it is by observing it that I have come to this interpretation. Of course once again it is a large number of entities intertwined with bodies & spirits (plant, tiger, bird, magic horse etc).

Moreover, the character with a human figure at the bottom left challenged me, he seems to have a snorkel (red) as if ready to dive deep into Self. We can see in front of his open mouth that he is also about to swallow a red pill, the one supposed to translate the will to learn a truth able of changing his existence. The second element that attracts my attention is this golden chrysalis at the top right, its obvious symbolism, a promise of transformation, in the secret of this mysterious cocoon.

And many other things, everyone is free to find their way around or not.

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