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AMOTIO by Moontain mixed media on canvas 100-100cm – 2023

This painting would be about inter-species communication. To achieve such interaction, one should know himself and to be able to forget himself as the same time. This is the meaning of the latin word “Amotio” to me.

To unlock ourself from your ego to discover a larger link and sense of understanding. Where we’d be able to give and receive harmoniously anything as a part of yourself knowing it’s also a part of someone else.

A birdsong becomes your voice as it morphs into the breeze moving some tree’s leaves, creating a thrill along its trunk sending a kind of coded message to rhizomes echoing into the soil and then vibrating back into the atmosphere.

All interconnected, physically and poetically even when we don’t notice it, at least we can try to respect it for the case we learn to see, to feel, to understand it.

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