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New Year

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Wishing a great new year to the ones passing by *

Here are the two last artworks added, closing 2022 / opening 2023

You’re very welcome to click on the images to read their story


mixed media on canvas
80/80 cm – (2022)


mixed media on canvas
80/80 cm – (2022)

Artworks now available on SAATCHI ART

I’ve finally opened a page on Saatchi art -> CLICK HERE

This way will be easier to sell prints and the service is top quality, i plan to allow the original works as well in due time. Artist’s life is pretty complicated and to just make enough money to buy materials (not even talking about food etc) is a long shot. Once you get professional comes taxes, even if you don’t sell regularly.

You can still contact me directly to get some limited, signed & stamped fine art prints or original works.


A new calendar year, doesn’t mean much, as the river continues its run as it should. On a personal side i just wish it to bring some accomplishments, since Covid-19, things have been complicated and i had to re-think my approach. Collective art fairs seem to have a limited impact, very hard to sell anything, too many artists showed, although it’s nice for the public. So i may need to finally find a gallery representing me (which i didn’t want for a long time), but easier to say than to do. For now it hasn’t happened … I just try to keep faitHope up about it.

The most important being to live a conscious life, to be able to create, to share thoughts & learn to be a better version of myself. As long as i can do that, it’ll be a good time on planet Earth *

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