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Check the New Artworks

Last couple of weeks felt like a renewal, with a taste of recent years, at least the best of them. I’ve worked on some rough hemp canvas but most importantly i’ve started a streched canvas for my pareidolines series, which happened to be left out for quite some time. It’s almost over and here is a sneak preview of it.

So, two hemp canvas were added to the website, it’s still a pleasure to work on such an authentic medium. Here are Aletheia & Echoralis (one of the largest painting i did so far) … you can click on the images to check on their stories i’ve written for.

On Life‘s side things have been okay … I finally got something that must have been Covid, but as i’ve a kinda healthy lifestyle it was nothing but casual, along with fever. In the nothern hesmiphere and in France in particularly , we’re experiencing a drought, historically severe, fires, species disappearing. And i’m wondering how many more disasters humanity will need to see and to feel before they act earlier rather than too late. It’s been an ongoing drama but Mother Earth should shows us the treatment rather sooner than later. I’m not so fond of humans anyway and would gladly give my life if it’d guarantee the survivance of Nature‘s species. As for now i’m dedicating it to paying gratitude and love towards every manifestations of It. You should do the same *

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  1. Thanks for your update, Fred. I am so glad your experience with Covid wasn’t serious. And I’m so sad for the climate stress France and Europe is experiencing. We’re experiencing it here in Canada, too. I worry what the future will bring. Sending you my love. Lee

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