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Interview – London Art Review

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I had the privilege to answer to Francesca Vine, art historian and editor of The London Art Review, here is the list of questions from the interview she titled “Interconnection in the Unconscious Mind: An Interview with Moontain.

  • Spontaneity is a huge part of your work. How does this ‘total freedom’ allow you to tap into the unconscious mind?
  • In your Pareidolines series, the lines and forms are all interconnected and flow into one another. You speak of ‘connection’ being a keyword in this work, how does that manifest?
  • Your Re-member series is very visceral and raw, with an emphasis on animal forms and the naked human body. You have said that the meaning only comes to you at the end of the work and creates a ‘mutual link between spacetimes’. How do you perceive the link humans and nature?
  • Your experimental linocuts, which have more of a focus on clean, uncluttered forms, are reminiscent of Pablo Picasso’s expressionist prints. Do you ever consciously look back to the original expressionists for inspiration?
  • The current pandemic has been a huge upheaval on the world. How has it affected your artistic practice and what can we expect to see going forward?

You’re now invited to read the answers following this LINK

” One of the mistakes humans often make is to observe Nature as though it were an exterior phenomenon, something we can dominate or worship. But in the end, it is just another form of what we are also made of; we forgot that we are from the exact same essence.”


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