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Sculptures In Progress

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Here is a lil preview of a couple of neworks, still on “pierre de nogent”, which is pleasant to sculpt. I feel the totemic side pretty strong into these … Votive in their own way.

These sculptures are still in their early stage, especially the tallest one. For example this sort of ark you can see above the head of the main character might become thin hands acting like a protecting halo etc … I’m eager to discover what will become alive with these stones.

Although it was a very calm year concerning the exhibitions due to the Covid restrictions, but active one on the creative side. Many sculptures to finish and put online, as well as a couple of new paintings and drawings.

But when everything around feels a little chaotic, your compass as to be JOY. The one you feel when you do something, talk to someone, choose a way rather than another and so on. It’s pretty easy to recognize it, because it will echo into anything surrounding you.

In the end what you believe in is what will be living in you.
Take good care of YOU *

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