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Signs of Life – Sculpture WIP

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A new year doesn’t necessarily imply huge changes, but rather the continuity of a natural evolution. The need for spectacular dates to be an alibi for radical changes could be pertinent for some though. But if you feel a need to change something, do not wait for a calendar or something exterior, to dictate when you should do it.
One thing did not change, the world wide situation. So it’s all about going through it and preserving what matters the most for your self, so you can … be your self. To me, it’s creating and i’ve been lucky enough to just do that, with no perspective other than being in the moment (or out of it). It sounds consensual but like every important mantras, the simpliest are not always the easiest to achieve.
Here is the sculpture in progress, it’ll feature the likes of a deer, elephant, owl, leprechaun (maybe). I still have numerous sculptures to finish but as i enjoy the process of revealing the entities, the urgency to make it a finished artwork has less appeal to me. Until i really have to, when the world will breathe again.

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