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Signs of Life – Sculpture WIP

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These are pictures from a couple of angles of a sculpture in progress, (sponge stone, color “olive”)
In my mind it was looking like a sort of abstract kangaroo, but it seems like a horse on the other sides.
On the side you can’t see, as i’m writing, it also features a tiger, an elephant and an abstract goat.
But it can (and will) change, for sure, as a story around it will appear & make sense.
I’m on it for +two weeks now and i guess there’s a couple more ahead.
I was thinking of this paradoxal situation lately, everyone is looking for love, peace and well-being, some concerned with the state of our Earth, the fauna & flora, some others delibetarely ignoring the signs of sufferings to pursue their own egotistical goals.
But recently both sides seem to have the same speech, claiming to “save the planet”, some with sincere (but naïve) aspirations and the others with cynical capitalist desires (the well known “greenwashing”).
In the end, i feel like those two camps are lying, the reality being, the reason of their actions is not to save the planet, but to save their own existence or way of life. Nobody would be ready to disappear if it could guarantee the rescue of the whole living world.

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