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Signs of Life – Sculpture WIP

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This is the latest sculpture in progress and almost over ( in “pierre de Nogent” ) .. It features multiple entities. As i never decide what the sculpture will be i just tried to observe what would like to appear and it ended with a combination of an elephant, a tiger, a bird and a bat (on the other side, not shown on the pictures). I interprete it as a totemic stone, different Nature’s guardians of Knowledge, mixing their respective insights about the Living World. Hopefully it happens in the “real life” and animals become objective allies to overcome the disastrous human species …
Change seems to be both a sudden and slow process … Only the small daily changes would feed the bigger ones of the future. It is not something easy to accept because some urgencies ask for actions right now. But real change also implies a deeper epiphany so it becomes effective in the long run.

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