pandorama in process

here is an update on my painting Pandorama. Maybe some of you remember a first sight of it back in June. I spent summer doing sculptures, but for a couple of weeks I’m back on this one, intense sessions as it asks a lot of time, and I have to finish it for a French show next november ( Festival Art et Déchirure )

I want to put my whole into it, like if it was my last painting. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it, this is all I can wish, so the painting’s characters will have some good company.

I made a painting comparable to it, named Eidopath, during a 4 years span. This time I’m doing this one in a 4/5 months span which is fast for someone as slow as me, no wonder why I have so many migraines.

But I can’t complain, I do what I’m supposed to do, which is a chance I hope many of you have. Since our life is ephemeral, even if life itself is eternal, our responsibility is to make the best out of it. The best being, to be a positive and constructive one for each other. Or at least trying … I’m just trying to …

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