pananimal in process

here is a colored update on this painting i’m working on, i hope to read some of your feelings about it*
(since this is an update, i copy/paste the text i wrote about it the previous time when i showed a black & white preview)

Here is just a detail from it but it’s a bigger canvas (for me) since it 170 cm / 5.6″ tall and since i’m a lot into details & work slowly, it really asks time.

What happens with this painting makes me think of how important it is to not get rid of people / or anything heart’ related. Because, sometimes, the end, is only temporary.
Just like the end of the day, is not the end of days. A relationship could meet hurdles and sideways, parallel line can see distance grow in between them, but they are still parallel.
It means that we never know about what’s next … to close door / heart, doesn’t make you move on, it makes you potentially miss the rest of the story.

The very first colors i put on PANANIMAL date from 2013, but i did not touch it for years. I let it down which was not very nice from me.
But recently i’ve been feeling quite alone, in quest for a companion that i don’t find in the so called real world, and it’s like this painting called me back.

It was under a blanket covered of dust. I excused myself for letting it down and lonely all these years, telling it i really understand what it has been through because i was going through the same feelings. Since this painting is tall, it really feels (to me) like a person, the partner of my sleepless nights where nothing else exists.

We’re now spending our time together and i won’t let it down until it’s complete, i promised *

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