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A (birth)Day In The Life

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December 25th, another day, another birthday …

As i’m getting older i also try to be wiser even if there is a time in life when you start to have thoughts you never had before. Concerning the days and years passing by, the fact you may be past the half of your human-life …

These are things i’m discovering right now, which is not only scary at times but also very interesting. Each new material to transform is interesting because it will lead to new ideas and realizations.

I will continue this post later … for now i have to make a wish & blow my candle so its smoke take my wish away to the stars, so the stars echo my wish within their light through the infinity of the Universe, so we both meet again*

I realize people ( we ) use these “special anniversaries days”, birthday, thanksgiving, x or y day, you name it … in order to not get overwhelmed by what they celebrate. I always find it was pretty weird (if not lame) to have one day to celebrate Earth, for example. But i start to understand, since the majority of human beings are not “really” happy of their journey/life, if would be too much to feel concerned by all that’s going on, on a daily basis.

But the fact is, if you are conscious of these things, maybe it would be a great step towards happiness, who knows …


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