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Thank You for passing by*
Weeks, Months, Years …

There comes a point where it almost gets useless to count them. Still, this tendency answers to some of our own curiosity to look back in the mirror, to compare what we’ve accomplished from a year to another.

 But it could be interesting to look at it differently, because weeks are plenty but Life is unique.

There are things we thought would happen this year and didn’t, maybe they will not next year either … why would we complain about it ? As long as we sincerely work & act for it, then it will happen … when it will happen.

 And we better feel fine with it *

 Because it opens up a field full of possibilities, some surprises ( pleasing or not ) might cross our path so we can continue to evolve in ways we did not think about, just like a growing tree will both meet new kinds of birds as the branches get higher & funny fossils as the roots get deeper.

Who knows what could result from such discoveries * 

In the end, “time” is just an illusion, and it can generate some imaginary limits or markers. Some people will use it as a motivation, when some others would get overwhelmed by this clock ticking in the head. That being said no way is better than an other, once again, it’s all about this balance that we have to be find so we can make the best out of our choices, dreams, projects …

Wishing everyone to meet their best and to share it with others !

* Happy New Air *

Music: Falun Son by Fre(e)d, in solo ( to listen to more songs click HERE )

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