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Sum-mer Up

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Summer days are winter’s nights …

From the He.Art’ side*  

During the last couple of weeks …



i’ve started something new for me, filling some A4 pages with a simple black pen. I wanted to spend more time next to my cat Bouba while he’s having morning sunbaths and for obvious reasons, it was the easiest kit to use. Thanks to him, i made around +20 pages for now.

Some i will share on the internet, it was an evolution since i was basically only using a lot of colors since i’ve started to paint again. It feels good to simply let the pen roll and observe the result, not forcing anything, generally it takes me around 24/48h to finish one. ( The one on the right is an example, in process )

Meanwhile, i continue to work on the many paintings i have in process, we mature in parallel. As well as some new drawinks you can check in the gallery or support on Facebook. Also, i continued to work on my rough wood sculptures, some are almost over.

And of course, i posted online new aphorisms and thoughts you can check or support, they are meant to be shared *

Latest works … Please click on the images to enlarge

shopShopvisual• A real improvement, i finally have a store …

so now i am able to show my limited edition prints series ( more to be added ) as well as other kind of things in the future.

This was something i really needed, since i don’t sell my original paintings. I wanted to have something i can share with people who would like to have some of my artworks with the greatest quality and mutual respect possible ( especially since i’ve discovered a website took some of the pictures i put online, to sell as “posters “, what they do is illegal and cheap, a real shame ).

Make sure to look at the description of the prints in the shop, the main point here being, what i propose is real pro’ since i don’t make the prints out of basic camera files but ultra HD scans.

For people who prefer to use Etsy, here is the LINK ( soon an Artfinder page as well ) However there will be only a very short amount of artworks available on their sites -in the future, i may add “not expensive” things such as a 5-pack of small size _not numbered_ prints, things like that …

I participated to …

The 4th Art & Natural Health Creative Art Therapy International Conference & Integration Art Festival, from August 21–25, in Beijing, China ( More Infos … waiting for some pictures )

This opportunity was offered to me, thanks to Debra Muzikar, a nice person doing a wonderful job at running ” The Art Of Autism “. Three of my prints will be showed during this event, as well as a short portrait in their catalogue. It feels okay to be a part of it, since ” integration ” has always been an challenging adventure for me.

I believe we better accept each others’ differences for what they are ( enrichment ) rather than trying to assimilate and melt them into others’ “normality” … Maybe one day *

• I am now on the new platform TSU 

An alternative to Facebook is always welcome when it comes to share what you do, who you are. The best place is the so-called ” reaLife ” … but since ” virtuaLife ” became a part of our tangiblexistence, at least to keep it sane, we need to not put all in the very same spot, so we can keep things dynamic, this is always nice to have other places …

You can check mine here, you’re welcome :

Thanks for your attention and time, if you feel like you can help me to promote the words and colors ( or know someone who can ) Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message … #share

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