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A month in the life*

Thanks to a wonderful day in the country i was able to collect many pieces of wood.
I really enjoy taking the time to mix some wood’ barks and small branches.
To observe them to feel which ones wanna get attached to another one.
Just like with the paintings, this is about not forcing anything to Be.
But rather accompanying it the best way possible.

Living in France, it means we are now entering summertime
I am really not a fan of warm weather, it gives me migraines pretty quick.
But i had to learn to appreciate each seasons for what they have to offer.
So I can enjoy some sun rays vitamins in the morning with my dear cat Bouba.

I read and watched many documentaries about different cultures, one of my passions.
But this time it was a miniseries that really impressed me, even if it’s a lil old now.
I talk about ” Into The West ” ( 2005 ). This was all i could ask from a tv-program.
Staying true to the History along a great story, and all about authenticity, Watch it !

Concerning the music, each day i’m glad to play some acoustic melodies on my own.
But i still don’t find the mental energy to spend all the hours required to record serioulsy.
To paint and write down thoughts already asks ( & gives back ) pretty much for now.

About the website, some little improvements have been made …
Such as ( finally ) a working shop / paypal tool. Even if i still have to fill the store.
All the artworks now have their informations updated and i’ve added new aphorisms .

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