We will agree on one point, all these ” X days ” … are more of a reminder of something we should consider everyday.

In my teen years, i used to mock it, because we should not wait after a particular day to do our best with x or y themes. But as i got older i started to accept that, each drop was worthy, and if some people needed this kind of things written down in the calendar, so be it. What matters is the effect and what it creates in our mind.

Still, words, thoughts, images and concepts are good, but (only) if they are completed with ACTIONS, then it gets really interesting. And this, indeed, has to be on a daily basis rather than just one day. Because, what if the Sun was showing up just a day in the year ? Life would not be possible …

So here is a drop in the ocean of good will many people are sharing, with the wish it can water some minds so they really consider the actions to do to promote Life and protect the Earth from our species.

Harmony is written in our veins, this is our un conscious aim … Our planet allow us to be conscious, that we are the link between the past and future seeds of Life … What a Miracle *


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