Weird taste

Last day i needed to go to the bank to try to get some cash, but it was closed.

So here i am at the ATM, but before i could do anything, i heard a beggar, who was sitting next to it, and asking me if i could give him FIVE cents. I guess this is not the place to refuse giving someone some help when you are about to take money at the bank. So i give him all i have, 2 euros, my bread money, and he was happy for a minute.

Putting the money in his hand, i felt his skin, warm, soft … it was something surprising and special since the rest of his body was pretty much dirty and he was smelling wine and bad tobacco … I liked that.

So … i compose the secret code and check my account, i said “minus 3 euros” … damn, no money, no change in my pocket, and no bread to eat … But a roof above my head*


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