Pot Pourri


Here are ‘ in progress ‘ snapshots / compilation or Mixedreams as i call them …
From July to December 2014, most of my time has been dedicated to great collaborative sessions on 3 paintings with my friend Johanne.

Normally i only work in solo ( except for this great one with the german artist Rajaa ) so it was a wonderful surprise.
One day i came to visit her studio, it was only the second time we met but it felt really natural ( even for wild ones like us ).
And suddenly a canvas literally calls me, there was only a background by Johanne on it. But what background ! Colors and mixed materials.
It was magical, right away i saw tons of characters and stories into it, just asking for someone to make them come to life.
I asked her if i could be this one, she agreed, and it all started there … from the 1m/1m canvas’ background.
We decided to start a second 1m/1m canvas, but this time together, and it was really cool to do that, turn by turn, adding some elements.
But felt we needed, bigger, deeper experience, so we took a huge piece of canvas ( 210/140cm ) to push our collaboration further.
On this one ( named Mythosia ), we completely made one, starting it by painting on the same spot at the same instant most of the time.
Not really fearing what could happen, but curious about what the process would generate …
This big canvas was the main work of our collaboration, each 3 paintings we made have their own journey.
Johanne had to move out with her family far away from where i live, and i kept the paintings, since she did all she had to do on them.
Now i have to finish them so we can finally share the complete paintings.
Hopefully it’ll be possible for the first semester 2015.

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