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We Love To: Observe

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We walk in the outside, crossing the path of other lives. But only a few actually take the time to enjoy a potential interaction.

An interaction is not only when you can touch the others. It’s also when you can feel their waves, their thoughts and energy as well as yours.

We’re surrounded by visible and invisible symptoms of our well-being and its opposite. Something in us, makes our sight and heart sharper to notice them, our higher spirit helps us to identify those things. Then we can let our self being influenced by it or we can consciously act to discover the meaning of such sensibility.

 Did you notice how our mind can be affected by the invisible world, for example, when you enter in a room. Other’s waves are literally filling the space, with their informations and emotions. This can really influence you as soon as you get in. And without pronouncing a word or even look at others, you are able to feel in you, the mood and energy all around.

 Our task is not let our self being overwhelmed by those informations, and to remember they are just tools. They help us define the one we are and the one we wanna be. Only you, will decide if something is good or wrong. But it doesn’t mean you have to feel happy about something good or to feel angry about something wrong. It means you just discovered a new side of yourself, you made a new step in your direction, be happy about that.

So don’t feel attached to x or y emotions, observe them, learn from them and let them go. So you can welcome the next ones. The more you do that, the more you will understand who you are, and who are the others.

Now a simple walk outside can ignite the inside talk

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