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We Love To: Change

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At different periods of our life, we may feel weakened. Quite often, this is the fear of change acting in us.

We know that others’ ( or ours ) words can have a negative impact, even a longterm one if the people don’t forgive. We can try our best to make the other pardon us, but this remains his/her own personal work.

So the important part is to be able to forgive yourself. All the errors you made, which now you see their real meaning, were friendly, in the end. A precious series of events leading you to more knowledge of your Self ( and understanding of the others ).

Change is a Positive Movement … 

 If the result is not positive for you and others, then this is not ” Change “, just you, replacing an opinion with another.

Real change requires a lot of energy but will renew (energy) as well. It seems easier to keep your habits or the old markers of our Life, we all do that, until the need of change is so strong that it explodes.

Unfortunately, this kind of context often makes the change come in a violent ( and unneeded ) way. The accumulation of hesitations leads to an over-reaction that could generate sufferings. But you do not want to hurt yourself or the others, right ? This is the importance of knowing yourself and to act in time, so violence or inner-conflict won’t materialize itself ( and won’t be shared ).

What an exciting lifetime’s work !

 To “end/break” up something is not natural and for sure creates a conflict. But we are all able to transform things when needed, in peace. To care for the other(s) as much as for ourself. There are already so many difficulties on our Journey, we better give our best to evolve with a mutuaLoyalty, understanding and respect.

It may be hard at times but with adeep and honest faith in your potential, it should work. Just act with Love, with patience and empathy.


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