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We Love To: Try

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 Each day Life gives us the chance to learn something new. Most of the time we prefer to say no to this chance or we hesitate. Often we think, we feel that maybe this is ” not for us ” and we decide to not try it, so we don’t learn and this could be one of the biggest mistake during our journey.

Imagine a leaf saying: “i refuse to get the wind on me” …

 This wouldn’t be natural. But look at how the human beings spend so much energy on ” how to avoid X or Y events ” … in the end, we cut ourselves from our very own Nature to adopt a more superficial one (guided by the influence of the surroundings, society etc ).

So this leaf could try to hide behind her brothers and sisters, feeling protected ,for a while, but sooner or later, the wind will get on it too and so, what will happen … maybe a lot of fear, now facing the unknown, this wind seems to have a dangerous potential and could move us far from our original home / form … but this is again a natural way of evolution, of interaction between elements.

We are real quick to panic, stress about new things. Most of them are not supposed to be scary. Most of them are just natural events we have to experience that we can’t avoid and most important, they are here for/by us, these are our events, our tools, our chances. Don’t fear it, because in the end, this could be the best help you’ll ever have.

You may discover that, now fallen from your tree, the life doesn’t stop and is pulsing on the ground too and that you could be really worthy, feeding the soil, being a home for insects, when you’ll experience that and accomplish this new cycle of your existence, you might welcome a very pure joy while discovering the roots of your beloved tree again, now melting deep into the ground and so, the Circle of Life would be complete.

Finally, thanks to this wind ( in the end, a nice breeze ), you did learn much more than just staying hidden behind others and denying life elements.

During our journey, we’ll get through periods of all kinds, dealing with the Light / Sun and others stuffs, in the dark, down the ground, … none is better or worst than the other because each has to offer some insights to you, from everyone, you will have to learn.

 Never Fear the Change Because It Comes From Your Higher Self*

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