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It may sound too simple or naive to be true, so listen: “This is TRUE “.

But you have to TRY it for real if you wanna experience this Change.

This Will‘ is up to you but when you feel it, then everything will happen.

Everything is “vibrating” and contains wavenergy / informations we translate into feelings.

Feelings we could transform as we assimilate them, into actions to guide our Journey until the next event.

What about our everyday Life, It’s a fact we go through some apparent frustration or (inner) conflicts when we evolve inside of the society’s veins / streets and the atmosphere makes it hard at times to keep focus on our Source. But it appears that even at home in the supposed cocoon, we continue to impose ourselves some Lowaves.

Just with the words you make you hear, the illusions you wanna maintain, the Move you wanna freeze. Understand we are the only ones to allow Fear to enter into ourselves. The same goes for every feelings… You are your own Believer.

This is a main point to give yourself tenderness. To accept that it’s not ridiculous to offer you what you desperately wanna give to another being. An easy way to start for it, is to stop to depreciate yourself. Even in the little moments, when you think you fail at something, or are doing wrong. This little voice you choose to listen to inside of you, is supposed to give you empathy.

We vibrate on our own and create our own echoes. Is there a better way to both accomplish our Change and the world’s one, by taking care of our waves?! We are responsible for them, responsible for us.

If it could seem complicated to help to erase all the sufferings over the face of the planet by yourselves. Then it could be a nice move to take the challenge to Change our own ones knowing the Echo would help the others.

Everything starts with Love and it just starts from your Self.

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