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130/115 cm – 51,2″/45,3 • acrylic on burlap • (2011)

This one is pretty emotive to me and here is a brief observation …It show a body laying, probably dying ( or simply saying goodbye to this dimension ). I think it did echo the time i had to go the emergency room when i was visiting my fiancee in the USA, it was pretty scary to be in this unknown environment and dealing with the intense sufferings.But she took real good care of me ( wherever you are today, i THANK YOU ) … So i believe the female figure on the left side may be related to her. But also to this kind of reassuring presence we can feel whenever we’re going through a touch moment. Some name it an angel etc …It is a reminder that whatever happens, it will be okay because it’s meant to be. The two hands touch and i guess it shows the circling energy between both characters. An infinite virtuous circle …We can notice the “dying” character let down back to the ground what I perceive as a skull. Maybe it means that he let go the human’ incarnation to be ready for the next one. This is why there on its right the words ” TAK MY … ” To awkwardly both say “take my like” and “take” (which means Thank You).So he’s willing to show that he’s ready and accepting the situation. This is why the sentence written says “Life Will Never End Because We Are ‘Eternity’ “.Not only Life is eternal, but “we” are incarnating this eternity. We alway make One, even going through transition from a state to another and so we make ” TWONE ” ….

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